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Milo & Julie Myers, Al Cajon CA
July 2015 10-Day Safari (Kruger Park & Surround)

“Jill, Jesse and Alec

From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, we were absolutely amazed at what we saw and experiencedHaving never been to a safari lodge before and I’m so glad that this was our first experience. Our guide Riaan was great and we learned so much from him. The staff at Mafigeni was very welcoming and delightful. We especially loved the cheetah walk. That was a highlight for me and my daughters. Your lodge was very cozy and loved everything about it.  The next time we plan another trip to South Africa we would have no hesitation on choosing Mefigeni Safari Lodge.
Thanks again and God Bless!!
The Myers Family”
Rebecca Parker, Anchorage Alaska
April 2015 11-Day Safari (Kruger National Park & Surround, Vic Falls)
“Thank you. A wonderful trip and great memories. It exceeded our expectations.
Many thanks!
Del & Linda Coolidge:  
April 2015 24-Day Safari (Cape Town, Garden Route, Kruger & Surround, Vic Falls and Chobe)
“Hi Jill,
I am still reflecting on our wonderful trip to S. Africa and I realized I didn't thank you for the great itinerary you set up. We enjoyed every part of it....Cape Town and the Garden Route, then the Safaris. There was nothing that we did not thoroughly enjoy. We had talked about what a great job Riaan did, but your planning surely put the whole thing together. And, Alec did a great job for us on many parts of the trip. (I didn't want him to go unnoticed, as we really enjoyed him on the Cape and on the Safari parts). And, Stewart.....we really enjoyed him and his knowledge. The accommodations you set up were all just great.....we especially enjoyed them. And, we didn't think we wanted to go to the wine country, but it was also fabulous.
So, it was a perfect trip and we would totally recommend it to anyone wanting to experience S. Africa.
Thank you for your work on it.

Linda (and Del) Coolidge”
Dave Moore:  
May 2015 Safari Stay (Greater Kruger Park Surround)
“Jill, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I apologize for that. We just returned to the U.S. from Africa the other day.  It was a great stay and we really enjoyed ourselves. Every one was wonderful. 
I talked to your son some. He is a good young man and very good at what he does already. You have done well. Always the mom with the son's, that shape them.  Hope to see you in Vegas. Maybe go out to a dinner or something. Stay in touch and let's see how that works out.  
Cheers, Dave”

Nick Fucci, Big Fork Montana
May 2015 14-Day Group Safari (Kruger Park & Surround, Vic Falls and Chobe)
“Hi Jill,

Wanted to give you a safari update. Everything is going well, a couple 
of glitches but nothing big and Riaan is on top of everything as soon as 
it happens. Your staff is wonderful, very courteous, attentive to the 
guest needs and professional.

Really excited about the future.

Take care and safe travels,

Raymond & Rosemary Tanner
November 2014 34-Day Safari (Cape Town, Garden Route, Namibia, Vic Falls & Tanzania)
“Dear Jill & Jesse:

"WOW" That’s really all we can say to sum up our trip. “Wow” moments and magical moments and soul-searching moments. It has been the most amazing trip we’ve ever taken – vast numbers of wildlife, fascinating plants, and scenery to die for. Columns of ants crossing a road after their nest was filled with rainwater. A cheetah and cub sitting on top of a termite mound, feeling quite content after a good meal. Whole families of elephants, especially the family that emerged out of the trees at the Etosha waterhole at night. Rhinos by the dozen (both kinds). Welwitshcia plants appearing in the rockiest, driest soil. Mountain passes that took our breath away. Magical places to sleep, so perfectly quiet with amazing sunsets and sunrises. Bushbabies leaping from tree to tree, right beside the bar area.

We are glad we didn’t have to tackle Africa on our own – it probably would have been a nightmare. Riaan was wonderful – so enthusiastic, so good at showing us around, so great at photography, and so helpful with our own photographs. We enjoyed his company and had long conversations about just about everything. He’s a real gem.

The soul searching parts were when we drove by a township or along a road lined with shops with handpainted signs and women selling bananas. We realized just how lucky we are.

Nevertheless, we had an amazing time and we’re so grateful to you for arranging it. It really was a “trip-of-a-lifetime” and we know we’ll never forget it. We’d love to come back in the future if we can.

All the best, Rosemary & Raymond”

Guy Trudeau, Montreal Canada
June 2014 14-Day Safari (Kruger & Surround, Vic Falls & Chobe)
“Hello Jill,

 I trust you are doing well and that your trip back to South Africa went well.  On our side we are already Africa sick !

 First, I can not thank you enough for all your time, work and efforts in putting together our memorable trip to Africa.  We had a stunning experience in Africa, seeing so many beautiful things.  Without our encounter, this would not have been possible, thanks to life for having our path crossing each other.  You were right, Africa is like nothing else !

 Also, many thanks to Mafigeni team; you have a great family that shares the same ethics, very professional, dedicated and always looking to make the best out of everything.  We always surround ourselves with people alike; this is very true in your case.

 But although Africa is unique, this trip without Riaan would have definitely not been the same.  We were blessed to come across such a great person, so professional, devoted, enthusiastic and passionate.  We want to thank you for getting to know such a comprehensible and unique person.  Throughout our voyage, Riaan became part of our group has if he was always part of it.  Riaan, we miss you (and Africa) already !

 Have a pleasant winter while we are enjoying our beautiful summer.  I enjoyed the quick transition from our summer to winter !  I never thought I would love so much the winter…(LOL)

 Looking forward to see you in Montreal.

 Again, many thanks.

 Sincerely,  Guy Trudeau”

Bernard & Ellen Hedrei, Montreal Canada
May 2014 14-Day Safari (Kruger & Surround, Vic Falls & Chobe)
“Hi Jill
Hoping all is well with you. Ellen & I had a great time on the Safari trip.  I want to thank Riaan for being such a great guide during our stay, he was a lot of fun to be with. I want to thank Alec for looking after us and seeing us through our great stay in Africa.  All in All it was an adventure. Wishing you well.
Best Regards
Bernard L. Hedrei “


"Dear Gill,

Thank you so much for the wonderful time we could spend at your lodge.

We thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality and beauty.

Charmaine and the staff treated us like royalty and we also met the sunny Alec.

We will recommend Mafigeni to all out friends.

I attach two photos.


~ Wilma and Wihann

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“Hi Jill - I just wanted to write to you and let you know that we really had an awesome  vacation with you! I find myself telling people that its the best vacation I ever had! Knowing me, and how much it took me out of my comfort zone, that says a lot! Its amazing how many people that I speak to, want to travel to Africa. I have given several people your website, and I personally guarantee that they will have the trip of a life time with you! I must say that our guide went above and beyond, giving us the special treatment! She was HUGE in making our vacation as special as it was! She treated us more like family than clients!

You personalized our itinerary to a tee Jill. Mike is not an easy person to keep entertained, and he was thoroughly amazed with everything we did! I also have to say that this trip was not in my comfort zone, (as you will remember first meeting me) but you put my fears to rest after speaking to you in Niagara Falls. We decided to take a chance and plan our trip of a life time with you! Boy are we glad we did! It was everything you said it would be and MORE!

Mike made up a disc of pictures and I am going to send it to you. I wont send the 7000 pics that he took, but a good representation of them! People tell him that they look like   National Geographic shots, but we all know that its hard not to take a good picture with the wonderful subjects and scenery in Africa! Its funny because when we arrived home I found myself looking over the tree tops for Giraffes! Crazy! This trip will stay in our minds forever! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making that happen!

As we look at our pictures, we miss all of you and remember what a wonderful time we had with you! My only regret is that it felt too short! But as they say, you should always leave wanting more! So maybe one day we will return to see you once again!”   

~ Mike, Kathy & Julie Finnigan from Niagara Falls, ON. travelled during August 2012

“Dear Jill—We would have to say that our camera safari with Mafigeni was the best trip we have experienced ever!  We loved having our personal guide for the 10 days we were there, she told us so much history, had so many laughs, and just had a wonderful time.  Our stay at   Mafigeni Lodge was terrific, it is like one big happy family, so relaxed, great staff, atmosphere and excellent food.  Whatever we needed, it was there!  Would highly recommend Mafigeni!”

~ Roland & Linda Query from Denver, CO. travelled during September 2012

“We met Jill 2 years ago at the Denver Sportsman Show and I hung onto her marketing items.  This year we wanted to go back to Africa to visit Kruger National Park for the first time, so I called Jill up after 2 years to see what she could do for us. It all worked perfectly to say the least.  A car to drive, refreshments, cell phone, and even a guide for a few days to get us acquainted with how Kruger camping worked before we were on our own. Jill did      everything that she promised us and we had a trip of a lifetime alone in Kruger.

Mafigeni Lodge is first class and beautiful. Food & lodging was terrific and the staff will do whatever it takes to make you enjoy South Africa. The lodge is beautiful, warm, inviting, safe, and comfortable, we did not have a single complaint. We were with some of the best guides at Mafigeni of our entire trip and we were in Africa for 3 months.

You will get what you paid for and then some, Jill operates a clean, honest, sincere and  professional  business, you won't be disappointed staying at Mafigeni Safaris.  We will for sure stop again when we return to South Africa.” 

~ Ron & Martha Tokarchic from Denver, CO travelled October 2012

“Me and my good friend René did a wonderful trip, a trip of a life time to South Africa! Your place is much better than the photos on your advertisement pamphlet, that was very well made…  It's like a paradise in the bush, it's hard to describe how we felt at Mafigeni, all the organisation behind that trip from booking all the airplanes, the guide waiting for us at Hoedspruit and bring us to the Mafigeni lodge, all the personnel they were so kind with us.  I give 5 stars for all these attention and it was so personalized!!!

Each day was all fixed for a new adventure, never the same and so rich in emotion.  And the two days trip in park Kruger with our own guide and driver we will never forget all the   scenery of all these wild animals (Hundreds of elephants, female Lions eating a cape buffalo kill , big males lions, leopard lying on a branch in a tree, and hundreds of cape buffalo    passing in front and behind our truck, and so many impala's monkey's etc.) In my whole life I never saw so many animals in a so short time.

The main lodge at Mafigeni, the place where we eat , the living room for resting, the bar for the drinks, I can't describe it, it's so magic! I will never forget all these people, they were so king with us, I came back home and will always remember that wonderful trip and all these new friends I will always keep in my heart!  Thank you Jill and all your staff!”     

~ Claude Pitre  from Montreal, Canada travelled during November 2012

“I like to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay at your lodge.  We have only good things to say ,excellent service, excellent accommodation and  organisation.  We saw more than we expected.  This trip gave us souvenirs we will cherish the rest of our life.  We are looking forward to your coming to Montreal!"     

~ Rene Lefebvre from Montreal, Canada travelled during November 2012