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Visas & Vaccinations:

  1. No visa is required for South Africa.  When travelling to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania, visas can be purchased at the arrival airport from Customs.  Visas cost between $35 to $50, depending on the country that you are entering.  To expedite your processing, please ensure that you have small denomination currency in US Dollars for these border crossings.
  2. There are no mandatory shots for South Africa, but you may choose to consult with your travel doctor and update shots – tetanus, Hep A, etc.  Get malaria preventative tablets.  There are a number of medical options, including Malarone, Doxycyclin, Larium, Mephloquin.  Please consult with your travel doctor for the preventative best suited to you.
    Yellow Fever Vaccination update for guests travelling from Zambia to South Africa
    The World Health Organisation (WHO) has revised the Yellow Fever vaccination recommendations for Africa. The South African Department of Health has subsequently issued a statement that all travellers from Zambia to South Africa, and travellers that have recently visited Zambia, will now require proof of yellow fever vaccination. Previously, this was not required.
    All in-transit passengers between the two destinations, irrespective of the time period in transit, will also require proof of yellow fever vaccination.

Packing List:

Safari lodges are fully equipped and laundry can be done daily, so there is no need to bring extra gear. Pack for comfort and please note that warm clothing during June, July and August is essential.

For  in-country flights in South Africa, you are allowed one check-in item, one small carry-on item not exceeding 8kg and one personal item (laptop, handbag, camera, etc.) Please ensure that your check-in luggage does not exceed 23kg (50Lbs), or you’ll get charged an additional baggage fee.  Soft sided duffle bag type baggage is recommended.  Please also lock (or secure with cable tie) your check-in luggage.

What can you bring in duty free?

You can bring the following goods into South Africa without paying customs duty or value-added tax (VAT):

Consumable goods in accompanied baggage: