Come and enjoy some of the best river fishing in the world!


South Africa

Surrounded by breathtaking scenery and the total tranquillity of being in pristine nature, Tiger Fishing Safaris offer fisherman the ultimate safari experience. Fishing takes place on various parts of the Komati River where you'll have hippo's and crocodiles for company, tiger fishing safaris are thus not for the faint hearted! We use conventional or fly-fishing methods to hunt this powerful fish.



The fishing camp is built on the river bank of Impalila island, which lies between the Zambezi and Chobe Rivers. One can enjoy unsurpassed game viewing along the river bank as you cruise upriver into the Chobe National Park and fishing has never been this great! Enjoy sights of hippo, crocodile and excellent bird watching while you fish for predatory fish like Tiger and Nembwe.

Mafigeni Safari Company operates in conjunction with Ichingo River Lodge to offer you, our most welcome guest, an unsurpassed fishing experience.  Ichingo is situated on Impalila Island in the very north eastern region of Namibia.

Impalila Island lies at the confluence of the  Chobe and Zambezi Rivers, which is also the meeting place of four countries, namely, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.   The nearest town is Kasane in Northern Botswana and the Victoria Falls are only some 80 kilometres downstream.

Ichingo Chobe River Lodge

Ichingo Chobe River Lodge is a secluded and private Lodge, owned and managed by Ralph and Dawn Oxnham, offering the ideal venue to get away from it all, for families, couples or small groups who wish to experience Africa at its finest and enjoy all that it has to offer. Ichingo is a luxury tented lodge accommodating a maximum of fourteen people in twin bedded large Safari tents, each with cupboards, tables, electric lights etc, its own private thatched en suite bathroom and balcony. All tents overlook the river with the main lodge buildings being built over the river and consisting of a lounge and bar with a separate dining room, all under thatch and situated under large shady trees.

The Lodge offers a variety of activities.

Luxury Safariboat Accommodation

In perfect harmony to the lodge, the Chobe Princess Safariboats provide you with the perfect opportunity to take pleasure in the wildlife and birdlife of the Chobe National Park.

There is something incredibly relaxing about cruising on the Chobe River, along the banks of the Chobe National Park, watching the outstanding wildlife and birdlife from the luxury Safariboats. Aboard one of our Safariboats you can cruise over 50kms of the river and stay overnight in some of the most scenic areas on the Chobe, parking at prime docking sites along the river.

Each houseboat offers guests a personalised experience. The Chobe Princess Safariboats do not have any set departure dates and no minimum number of nights so we are able to fit in with your itinerary and to ensure that your stay with us is as relaxed as possible. Each houseboat has a minimum of three attendant tender boats.

Each Safariboat has four large double/twin cabins, beautifully decorated with the focal feature being the large sliding window that gives you your own personal view of the changing landscapes before you. The cabins also have an en-suite bathroom, each tastefully fitted with a modern shower, toilet and hand basin.

Climbing the staircase that connects the accommodation deck to the entertainment deck you will have access to a spacious lounge and bar area that encourages you to take time-out and simply enjoy the view. This deck also has a relaxed open-air dining area where guests can enjoy superb meals prepared by a skilful chef in the full-size on board kitchen.

At the front of the entertainment deck, guests can cool off in the plunge pool or simply soak up the African sun on deck chairs while enjoying an ice-cold beverage and the outstanding scenery.

The rear of the entertainment deck allows easy access to the smaller tender boats that accompany the Chobe Princess Safariboats on all of their travels. These boats ensure that each guest has the freedom to partake in any excursions or activities that are best suited to their own personal needs.


Game Viewing

Game viewing by boat into the Chobe National Park where huge herds of elephants come down to drink together with an extensive array of other game such as buffalo, giraffe, kudu, waterbuck, puku, lechwe, impala, baboons, etc. The evening boat trip, with quiet sundowners on the river surrounded by elephants is an unforgettable experience.


Tiger Fish

Fishing for Tigerfish and Bream in both the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers. There is access to a wide variety of waters providing excellent fishing in what is undoubtedly the premier Tiger fishing water in Africa. The Lodge is particularly renown for the quality of its guides and their success in landing Tigerfish, especially when fly-fishing.  High quality tackle is available for guest use. Bait and lures are provided with only lost lures being charged for.

Fishing Access

It has fishing access to over 30 kilometres of Chobe River, over 120 kilometres of Zambezi River  and many kilometres of waterways in the Kasai wetlands.  Each of these areas offers a different fishing experience.

The Chobe is a smaller graceful river with deep pools and a lot of still water combined with a series of rapids and white water in front of the Lodge. It has firm banks and is bounded on one side by the Chobe National park where in the evenings vast quantities of wild animals , especially elephants, come down to drink.

Transfers to Impalila Lodge by Boat


The Lodge

The lodge has two unique jet boats which allow for particularly fine fishing in both the rapid systems on the Zambezi and Chobe rivers. These are the best fly-fishing venues for Tigerfish with fish in the 3 to 6 kg’s range and offering a great challenge in the fast flowing streams. For this we usually fish a maximum of two to a boat.


Zambezi River

The Zambezi is a large free flowing river with areas of wide and deep water, fairly swiftly flowing , and the home to the large Tigerfish. It has essentially reed banks but interspersed are wonderful white sandbanks for the crocodiles and hippos to rest on. In the deeper waters we tend to find he small shoals of the large 6 to 9 kg Tigerfish.

Good Quality Boats

We have a series of good quality boats all with 75hp or 90 hp motors, which allows us to access the whole stretch of the Zambezi from Mambova rapids to Kalimbeza sandbanks  - about 120 kilometres.

Tiger Fish

The major fishing attraction is Tigerfish.  These legendary fighters are equipped with an extraordinarily large tail  and a specialised bone structure allowing them to accelerate like a rocket and hit your bait like no other fish of equal size.  Their teeth are formidable and they prey on other fish up to 40% of their own weight. They grow up to 18 lbs but even four pound specimens fight like champions. Tiger are essentially a summer fish being more active in the warmer water so the traditional season is September through to February when the rivers are also low and clear.

We do however have a short window period in June / July  when the water is coming off the flood plains and the Tiger are feeding well. This is the only area in the Zambezi system which provides good winter Tiger fishing. The timing is dependent upon the water levels.


We catch a range of Bream, [Yellow bellied, Thin face, Hump back, Three spot etc ] - they go up to three kilograms and being predatory fish give a good account of themselves.   These are generally winter fish with June through to August being peak time.  From time to time,  we also target Barbel [catfish] which go up to 18 kilograms. 

Some fishing is done from the banks and rocks in the rapids but we are always careful about the potential hazard of crocodiles. When clients arrive they are allocated a Guide and boat and then free to do whatever fishing they would like for the duration of their stay.

Information on flies, lure types and bait is always available from the lodge.  This obviously varies by season and is dependent upon the aims and ambitions of the angler.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a year round pleasure with over 400 recorded species and a combination of water birds and good dry land birds on the island. It is an excellent place to see all the summer migrants from September through to March.

Excursions to Makorro

Excursions by Makorro (dugout canoe ) into the small islands which exist in the Chobe River and form part of the rapid system. The experienced polers are also knowledgeable in all the various bird species to be found during the trip. This is subject to river conditions.


Guided Walks

Guided walks on the Island are very interesting as there is a varied ecology and the villages offer an insight into traditional African life. From the top of an ancient Baobab tree one can view the meeting place of the four countries.

Day Trips to Victoria Falls

Day trips to the Victoria Falls are popular as the road journey is only one and a half hours.

All activities are personalised and included in the base rate. Exceptions would be day trips to the Falls  which are undertaken by independent operators.

Getting There

The Lodge collects its clients by boat from the Kasane immigration office in Botswana for the short trip across the river to the island.  There are a number of ways to get to the lodge:

  • Fly by charter direct to the island where we have customs and immigration facilities.

  • Fly to Kasane from Johannesburg with Air Botswana and get a road transfer from the airport to Kasane harbour.

  • Fly from Johannesburg to Livingstone, Zambia and catch a road transfer to Kasane Harbour

  • Fly from Johannesburg to Victoria falls , Zimbabwe catch a road transfer to Kasane Harbour